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Thrive Lending was founded in 2008, a time when the financial landscape was marred by distress and skepticism. The aftermath of the real estate market crash, fueled by speculative investments and risky lending practices, had left an air of uncertainty. Against this backdrop, the founders of Thrive Lending made a resolute commitment to two fundamental principles: transparency and fiduciary responsibility.

Founded on Purpose

Our leadership is comprised of three seasoned professionals with extensive commercial experience, with a former business banker with a wealth of financial acumen at the helm. What sets us apart is our unique blend of banker-like discipline and the creative deal-making prowess of entrepreneurs.

Throughout our history, we've remained steadfast in our dedication to these principles, navigating through market challenges and helping our clients thrive.

Trust Thrive Lending to provide the transparency, expertise, and innovative thinking that your real estate endeavors deserve. 

Our Values

We believe a commitment to success starts with a commitment to serving people, and we've embedded our values in every aspect of how we service our borrowers.


We mean and do what we say. Honest, transparent communication is a non-negotiable at Thrive Lending, across all aspects of our business.


Where there is a will, there is a way. Our extensive expertise empowers us to find solutions where others can't, and we are motivated by the challenge.


We believe in the power of community. This is exemplified both in our commitment to shareholder experience as well as our philanthropic efforts. We encourage our team to become involved in the communities we serve, and constantly strive to leave a lasting, positive impact.


We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards. We take pride in the work we do, and seek to bring an unmatched attention to detail to every stakeholder interaction and internal process at our organization.

Delivering on our promise since 2008

Since we launched Thrive Lending, we've helped borrowers bring their projects to life by funding over $500MM in loans.

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Our Management Team

Justin Brogna

JP Newman

Adrian Lufschanowski

Lending Team

Johanna Huebotter

Loan Operations Manager

Phillip Handke

Credit Analyst

Operating Team

Julie Neas

Chief Financial Officer

Lana Kaminski

Senior Accountant

Kim Deter

VP of Investor Relations

Angi Phillips

Director of Investor Relations

Unmatched flexibility &  creativity in financing

Through our expertise and extensive network of capital, we're able to deliver financing solutions that far exceed what you can get from a traditional bank.


Our lending team has vast experience across all aspects of private lending and the capital markets.

Track Record

We've been delivering creative financing solutions since 2008, delivering over $500MM in loans. We understand the unique needs of each deal and tailor solutions to fit.


We're fanatical about delivering a top-notch experience for our borrowers, and we imbue that mission into every aspect of the borrower experience.

Financing Options

Capital solutions to meet unique borrower needs

Through our expertise and extensive network of capital, we're able to deliver financing solutions that far exceed what you can get from a traditional bank.

Financing Options

What our borrowers say about Thrive Lending

“Everyone has been professional, courteous, and about as helpful as is humanly possible. It’s going to make working with other companies that much more difficult.”

Patrick K.

"Not only are they great businesspeople, they're unbelievable in the community. And that's who I want to do business with."

Todd W.

"It's rare to find a large company with a small company feel that offers such great personal attention."

Drew S.

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